Well-Paying Programming Jobs: You Can Do This Too!

Looking for well-paid jobs or are you just curious? Then you are in the right place! We’re going to be talking about high-paying jobs that involve programming.

Programming may sound difficult, but you can also learn it in an accessible way, in plain language. Most of the well-paid jobs in this article can be practised even without a degree.

Let’s take a look at the high-paying jobs out there, like a Java developer of websites or game platforms, and if you’re interested in doing it.

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Web Developer

A web developer converts a web design into a real website. A web design is usually created by a web designer. As a web developer, you can handle multiple languages to develop websites.

According to Indeed, a web developer earns an average of €3,367 per month in Europe. 1014 web developers have passed on their salary anonymously, so it is a fairly reliable number. The salary also depends on the company and your experience.

Java Developer

Java has long been one of the most popular programming languages worldwide. There is still a lot of demand for Java developers. As a Java developer, you work with Java applications, such as websites, games and apps.

On average, a Java developer earns €4331 per month in Europe.

Python Developer

Python is the most popular programming language worldwide at the time of writing. There is a serious shortage of Python developers. As a Python developer, you develop Python applications, such as a website, Machine Learning application, game or, for example, an application that analyzes and visualizes data.

The average salary of a Python developer is €4,286 in Europe.

Data Scientist

This has been called the sexiest profession of the 21st century! As a data scientist, you collect, analyze and process large amounts of data. You are also often involved with Machine Learning applications. This often involves Python.

According to DataJobs, a data scientist earns on average between €50,000 and €70,000 gross per year. However, most data scientists have obtained a university degree.

In order to become a data scientist, it is wise to follow a training course, such as Computer Science or Physics at HBO or WO level. However, you can easily start with courses and see what it is like.

Data Analyst

The work of a data analyst is a bit like that of a data scientist. However, a data scientist is often concerned with Machine Learning and a data analyst is not. A data analyst is often working with structured data from one source and provides meaningful insights from data. This often requires Python skills.

As a starting data analyst, you earn around €2,500 per month, according to the National Professional Guide. This salary can go up to approximately €5,000 per month, as you gain more experience.

Ethical Hacker

Hacker may sound like something bad, but an Ethical Hacker is not. An Ethical Hacker hacks into systems of organizations and companies to find vulnerabilities. This is done in consultation and in a legal way so that the vulnerabilities are solved before malicious hackers do bad things to them.

There is a serious shortage of Ethical Hackers. Companies and organizations are eager for these people. That’s why the salary is so good. As a starting Certified Ethical Hacker, you will earn about €41,000 per year, according to ICT Training. If you gain more experience, it can go up to €90,000 per year.

Practising Well-paid Jobs Without a Degree

You can actually practice all of the above well-paid jobs without a diploma, only for a data scientist that is a bit more difficult. Many employers expect you to have at least an HBO diploma for a data scientist position.

If you do not have a diploma, you must of course demonstrate that you have the right skills. You will have to practice for this. With the right courses and training, you practice in an accessible way and you always go one step further. That’s how you get better.

Obtaining official certificates also shows that you have the right skills. Many employers value official certificates. You often do not need a diploma to obtain an official certificate.

Take courses and create your business. Think small and keep expanding your own projects. That way you can show employers what you have to offer.

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