Most Beautiful Countries in the World [Top 50]

Who doesn’t think about seeing the world’s most beautiful places after looking at travel images on Instagram? But what does it mean to be beautiful? A new study from the website money.co.uk intends to rank the world’s 50 most beautiful countries by analyzing the number of natural wonders in each location, including coral reefs and tropical rainforests, as well as volcanoes, glaciers, and other natural wonders.

“While beauty is subjective, it’s evident that these countries have a lot to offer visitors,” says Sal Haqqi, personal finance editor at money.co.uk. If you want to know about daily news please click here.

Indonesia, with a natural beauty score of 7.77 out of 10, is at the top of the list as the most beautiful place on the planet. More than 17,000 islands make up Indonesia. “And just off the coasts of these islands lie almost 31,000 square miles of coral reef rich with life, much of which may be explored from the popular province of Bali,” Haqqi explains.

Komodo National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Sumatra (which is covered in tropical forests), and Kalimantan are some of the other natural features that helped Indonesia rise to the top of the list (home to an orangutan reserve).

New Zealand, which has a natural beauty score of 7.27 out of 10 and is noted for its high peaks, rolling hills, a number of glaciers, and active volcanoes, is ranked second on the list of the world’s most beautiful places. It’s no surprise that so many films have been shot here, including The Lord of the Rings.

Colombia comes next on the list, with a natural beauty rating of 7.16 out of ten. Colombia, like Indonesia and New Zealand, has a lengthy coastline. From the Amazon to the Andes, it boasts diverse scenery.

Despite its vast Pacific and Atlantic beaches, as well as its numerous natural wonders and national parks, like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, the United States did not reach the top ten. The country is ranked 12th with a 6.04 out of ten scores. Mexico (number 5) to France (number 6) are among the countries that outperform the United States (at number 8).

Continue reading for a list of the world’s 50 most beautiful countries. How many have you been to so far?

Most Beautiful Countries In The World

  1. Indonesia
  2. New Zealand
  3. Colombia
  4. Tanzania
  5. Mexico
  6. Kenya
  7. India
  8. France
  9. Papua New Guinea
  10. Comoros
  11. Ecuador
  12. United States
  13. Vanuatu
  14. Japan
  15. Solomon Islands
  16. Italy
  17. Phillipines
  18. Peru
  19. Australia
  20. Costa Rica
  21. Norway
  22. Argentina
  23. Grenada
  24. Malaysia
  25. Tonga
  26. Iran
  27. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
  28. Saint Kitts & Nevis
  29. Chile
  30. China
  31. Samoa
  32. Bolivia
  33. Nicaragua
  34. Eritrea
  35. Jamaica
  36. Cape Verde
  37. Greece
  38. Thailand
  39. Venezuela
  40. El Salvador
  41. Myanmar
  42. Uganda
  43. Iceland
  44. Russia
  45. Dominican Republic
  46. Switzerland
  47. Northern Mariana Islands
  48. Haiti
  49. Panama
  50. Sweden

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