Lata Mangeshkar’s Health Deteriorates

The health of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar has deteriorated. She is on a ventilator and her health is being continuously monitored by physicians. “Lata Mangeshkar’s health condition has deteriorated again, she is serious,” Dr. Pratit Samdani told ANI. She’s hooked up to a machine that keeps her alive. She is staying in the intensive care unit and will be monitored by doctors.”

In early January, she was hospitalized to a city hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 and being diagnosed with pneumonia. Lata Mangeshkar was brought to the ICU with minor symptoms. The singer remained in ICU until January 28, when she began to show signs of progress and was removed from the ventilator.
Times got out to Lata Mangeshkar’s sister Asha Bhosle shortly after she was admitted to the hospital, and she told us that she is constantly following the hospital’s daily health updates. According to Asha Bhosle, “They won’t let anyone in.

I went once but was not permitted to enter the compound. In light of the current pandemic, tight limitations and protocols are in place.” “Lata didi is doing considerably better,” a family member told ETimes, “and since she is a singer, you know how they have a large lung capacity.” Above all, she is a fighter, but due to COVID protocols, we cannot say when she will be released.”

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