An Informative Website to Help with Mathematics

The learning management platforms are using various digital tools and techniques to highlight their expertise in providing online education for students of different age groups. The website to help with math is an effective method to get the attention of the students and parents who search mathematics tuitions online for an effective learning solution as per their requirements. The websites reflect the key features and facilities for effective learning on relevant topics in a simple cost-effective way. The learning platforms take care of students’ needs and provide the relevant solutions through the website.

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Design of Website to Help With Mathematics

The online mode of learning has proved to be quite useful for students. Several learning management institutions have launched their website to help with Mathematics for the students who are looking for online facilities for learning. The websites provide access to all relevant information in a user-friendly way to guide students and parents about the latest updates. The aim is to create an impact on the users by making the website reliable, informative, and useful for developing the knowledge base. The websites are made more attractive to students through compelling visuals and easy login facilities. The special features are highlighted through the website which gives a comprehensive idea about the advanced tools and techniques being applied for teaching.

Benefit of Mathematics Websites

An effective learning system focuses on providing a thorough understanding of specific subjects to students from an early age. The websites to help with Mathematics learning are designed to make the students more interested in the subject. Such websites provide customized learning programs to guide students develop their learning abilities and help them to clear the concepts to ensure improved performance. The websites make learning more enjoyable for students through the application of visuals, models, quizzes, and puzzles. The main aim is to provide knowledge in a simple and easy-to-understand way through an online platform. Such websites or apps allow students to follow a flexible and convenient mode of learning through online classes.

The online classes give exposure to some innovative and effective learning methodologies as applied by expert teaching faculties. It is a platform that makes students more confident and skilful by building a strong foundation in mathematics. The website also gives information about customized programs prepared to suit the specific requirements of students like getting advice on career counselling, preparing for competitive examinations and simply enhancing their knowledge.


Complex Numbers: Learn to Represent Complex Numbers

The complex number has two parts, a real number part, and an imaginary number part. The real number can be a fraction, integer, or any countable number. An imaginary number is an abstract number, the value of which equals √-1. The term ‘complex’ signifies that these numbers are formed by adding two different types of numbers, like forming a building complex.

Representation of Complex Number

A complex number is represented as a combination of two numbers, in the form x + iy where x and y both are real numbers and i is an imaginary number.
For example, 5+8i is a complex number where 5 is a real number part and 8i is an imaginary number part.
It is to be noted that zero is a real number that can also be represented as a complex number in the form of 0+0i.

Important Rules about Complex Numbers

  • In the case of any complex number p + IQ =0, the values of both p and q are zero.
  • If a, b, c and d are real numbers and a + ib = c + id, where then a = c, and b = d.

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