How to Successful Movie Night? [Top 10 Tips]

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10 Tips for a Successful Movie Night

Whether you’re going on a first date or trying to make friends with your new neighbors, one of the best ice-breakers out there is movie night. The problem? You have to figure out the right movie, and the right way to show it to your guests. That’s where this list of 10 tips for a successful movie night comes in handy! From picking the right movie to set up the perfect atmosphere, read on to find everything you need to know about throwing an awesome movie night!

1) Who are you planning this cinema night for?

Moms. Moms love movies. Why? Because I’m a mom, and I love movies (see note below). Moms have time on their hands and don’t know what to do with it all. When we were kids there was school, after-school activities, and family get-togethers.

2) Find the right spot

If you’re planning to host your party at home, finding an ideal location is essential. Choose a space that’s large enough to comfortably fit everyone who will be in attendance without feeling overcrowded or cramped. Also, make sure there are enough power outlets so guests can use their laptops or tablets as they watch and discuss films. Before bringing your guests over, test out all of your equipment to ensure it works properly—you don’t want anything distracting from or disrupting your movie night experience!

3) Get the comfiest seats possible

Inevitably, when you go to a movie theater (or, let’s be honest, Netflix) with your friends, there’ll be one person who can’t sit still. Whether it’s fidgeting or tapping their feet incessantly, someone will always be restless. Try to get front-row seats—which are comfier and have more legroom—to make sure no one has jostled around too much.

4) Have a plan B if it rains

If it rains on your movie night, don’t fret. While you may not have control over Mother Nature and her showering ways, there are ways to ensure that rain or shine, you’ll still have an enjoyable time with your friends. Bring games and snacks that you can enjoy inside. Nothing ruins a movie night like getting rained out! Bring plenty of blankets to stay warm in case of inclement weather as well.

5) Tell everyone where they need to be

There’s an old saying in filmmaking that goes something like, Don’t call us, we’ll call you. This is great advice for independent filmmakers: unless you want to be known as that guy with horrible film etiquette, let everyone else know when and where they need to be on set.

6) Don’t invite too many people

If you’re hoping to create an intimate experience, don’t invite more than 10 people—that way, you can make sure that everyone has a comfy seat and some room to mingle. Choose films based on your audience: We all have our cinematic preferences, but if you’re inviting an eclectic group of people over, make sure to choose films that appeal to different tastes.

7) Decide what food you are going to serve before everyone arrives

If you’re making food and drinks, have them all laid out before your guests arrive. That way, when everyone shows up, you can relax and enjoy your party instead of scrambling to make everything at once. You’ll be able to focus on having fun!

8) Getting there early is optional (but recommended!)

There’s nothing worse than arriving late to an 8 p.m. movie and having to fight for seating. Getting there early not only makes it easier to grab seats, but it also allows you to secure your spot with a tub of popcorn and some candy—trust us, you don’t want to be that person making their way up the aisle with two jumbo boxes during a climactic scene.

9) Use headphones if your neighbours aren’t into it as much as you are

If you live in an apartment or condo, don’t expect to be able to crank up The Dirty Dancing soundtrack and make some sweet dance moves. If you want to do that, do it at your own house. Instead, use headphones if your neighbors aren’t into it as much as you are.

10) Watch the film and have fun!

While it might seem obvious, watching a film together as a family is actually one of the most important parts of making movie nightwork. Making it fun and enjoyable—and, yes, learning something new along with your children—will go a long way toward ensuring that everyone looks forward to future movie nights. Take advantage of technology: You don’t have to stay tethered to your television set during movie night. In fact, we would argue you shouldn’t be tied down by wires at all!

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