How to Play Rummy? Here is a Short Guide for You

Online gambling has made a formidable footing in the country, with the users accounting for over 15% of the global online gambling traffic. The gambling industry was assessed to be worth $930 million in 2020. And if projections are to be believed, the market will be worth a massive $2.8 billion by 2022. The industry is a goldmine for betting companies worldwide and the domestic government. It is expected to bring in heaps of profit to investors and employment opportunities for the citizens, and tax revenue for the government.  Let us have a quick look into it.

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What is online gambling, and what triggers it?

Any gambling conducted over the internet, be it poker, rummy, or sports betting. Gambling triggers are the financial gains and often the adrenaline rush of winning based on a hunch. There are plenty of varieties of playing in this age of the internet, and Online Gambling permits exceptional varieties of betting; this is poker, sports activities betting, and casinos. These are video games of danger wherein your achievement only relies upon luck. Gambling has been banned in many countries; however, its reputation has multiplied and grown more accessible through online playing.

Online gambling thrives primarily due to the love of card games that Indians hold. Teen Patti and Rummy are topping the charts

  • Teen Patti: Teen Patti played online provides a realistic experience of a casino with glamorous studios and professional dealers
  • Rummy: Making it to this list is another fun game that allows players to choose fun characters and play online with real players. But there is a big question: how and is rummy gambling legal in India.

The legality of gambling:

Laws for gambling vary from country to country and even state to state. Let’s know a few pointers about the take of the Indian govt on the subject.

  • The laws laid down are anarchic and quite complex. It legalizes any game which favours skill over luck. Whereas all other which favours luck are categorized to be illegal.
  • Most states follow pre-independence rules, Public Gaming Act 1867 (old act). Since these laws date back into history, they lack regulation laws for the modern forms of gambling.
  • In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, gambling is illegal. Rummy game online is permitted but not the games which provoke the players to place a bet or any other monetary stakes.
  • In Kerala, the law legalizes rummy without any side bets. Under this Kerala Gaming Act, online rummy is illegal in the state. Though, sports betting is legalized in the state under Public Gaming Act 1867.
  • West Bengal excludes rummy, poker, and game of bridges from the definition of gambling. The state has legalized sports betting and other fantasy sports in online forms.
  • Sikkim, Nagaland, and Goa allow gambling and its online version if one owns a license.

Besides this, Black Jack, Roulette, baccarat, and Andar Bahar are some money-based online gambling games that keep the Indian audience entertained.