How can Teachers Manage Time between Different Classes as well as Students?

 We know that the number one complaint all teachers have is that there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done but there are other things. They have to also teach the basics such as lms full form. We have seen that time management is a struggle for everyone. While we know that we cannot add more hours to our days, teachers can use some simple tips, tricks, as well as hacks to make the most of the time they have. We see that at the end of each day, they close their laptop and put one simple sticky note on their desk as this can help them manage their time. We see that on that sticky note, what they can do is write down the 3 things they will get done the next morning.  When they walk into their classroom the following day, they don’t waste any time trying to decide what to do first as well. What they can do is just look at their sticky note and get those 3 things done first. We know that making a list sounds so basic, but they’d be surprised how many teachers don’t use their to-do lists effectively as well. We see that at the start of each week, they can grab their to-do list as well as jot down everything they need to get done before they leave on another day as well. We know that a to-do list will act as their master list for the week as well. If something else comes up, they can make sure to add it to their list as well. We know that using a planner saved that for years as they did not take much time. They didn’t think they needed a planner, but once they had one, it saved their teacher’s life as well. We know that the planner kept all of their important papers together, including their lesson plans as well. When they had to rush off to a meeting, we see that they can just grab their planner. When they are sick, they can take it as a no problem. We know that a planner was there with everything the sub needed to survive the day as well. Most teachers like to chat with their team, and they think it is great to build relationships with those that they work with day in as well as day out. However, they have to set boundaries if they want to use their time wisely. During their planning time or any time they have in their classroom without their students, they must not hesitate to close their classroom door. We see that this simple action can save them from being interrupted and allow them more time to check some items off of their list as well. If they have never heard the phrase eat the frog before, it just means to do the thing they don’t want to do, first. When they look at this photo, we see that they are probably making a face of disgust. People bet when thinking of their to-do list, that there is a task that makes them make this same face. That’s the frog for a person in such a case. If there is a task that they are avoiding, consciously or subconsciously, they must just do it. They will feel better, and they won’t waste time dancing around the fact that it must get done as well. We see that as a primary grade teacher, most teachers loved using their students to help maintain the classroom. We know that students would update centres at the end of each day, collect as well as pass out essential papers, and even file papers into portfolios as well. We know that the end of the school day, usually during dismissal time, is the perfect time to assign some tasks and allow their students to help them as well. When they pick something up, put it where it goes as well. If they find themselves continuously moving the same papers around their desk or the same materials around their classroom stop as well. We know that school management software can help as well.


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