Good Luck Sakhi Movie Review, Cast, Director, Rating

Good Luck Sakhi Movie Review: Sports dramas are plentiful, and unfortunately, so are terrible sports dramas. So it’s understandable if a spectator approaches a film that advertises itself as such with mistrust or even disinterest. But, good or poor, calling Nagesh Kukunoor’s Good Luck Sakhi a sports drama is ungenerous and, more importantly, wrong.

Yes, there’s a sport in the heart of it all—shooting—but it’s just a tool to help Sakhi (Keerthy Suresh) comprehend the world beyond her town and her place in it. If you think of it as a woman’s coming-of-age story, you could find the daily soap level low stakes familiar and pleasant. That is, you can watch it in the background and not miss the few points it is attempting to communicate.

This lightness also serves to keep the melodrama at bay. The film is unassuming, even when it brings up feminist bullet points at random times. Despite the surface-level writing, the characters feel more lifelike because of the general airiness. The performers, too, stand out simply because they are the best thing about a frame at any particular time.

Keerthy Suresh portrays this sophisticated woman in a unique way. She gets her vibe correct by hardly emphasizing, yet her performance feels distant and absentminded as a result. On the other hand, Aadhi is a joy. The moment with Rahul’s Suri, in which he drunkenly proclaims himself to be the bigger evil, works only because it’s him doing it in earnest. Rahul’s creep is scary enough, but Divya Sripada is deserving of so much more than the side hustles that are being offered to her.

Nagesh, like Sekhar Kammula, is first and foremost a storyteller. This is why, despite the template’s familiarity, the film contains a few subtle twists. The good versus. evil allegory, which is frequently employed in superhero films, is also used here. Suri (Rahul Ramakrishna) and Sakhi (Rahul Ramakrishna) both turn out to be excellent shooters. Suri, on the other hand, holds the gun with the intention of robbing people.

Even if the Colonel, who is played by Jagapathi Babu and looks a lot like Jagapathi Babu, argues that Sakhi’s marbles are a sign of superstition, the writing shows that they signify more to her than mere luck. They bear evidence of the particular bond she was able to form with Raju, also known as Rama Rao (Aadhi). The text affirms the organic way in which feelings change and degenerate with the person experiencing them, rather than dismissing Raju’s fears as envy.

While the background soundtrack makes it difficult for the speech to be heard in a few situations, Devi Sri Prasad’s music greatly aids the film. Except for the kid Raju speaking in alliteration, Sandeep Raj’s dialogues are mostly accurate. The majority of the film’s technical components are simple and functional, yet effective. The cinematography of Chiratan Das is pleasing to the eye, however, it could have been better in the sequences involving sports. Sreekar Prasad’s editing is flawless as usual, nothing less, nothing more.

The video repeatedly emphasizes that it is all about her. One instructs her as a coach should, and the other makes the journey worthwhile, but it is always about her. Raju’s advice punctuates the finale as well: ‘Show them what happens when a lady thinks only about herself.’ The film throws emotional barriers in Sakhi’s path, but only to demonstrate that they can be overcome.

Best wishes The film Good Luck Sakhi isn’t your typical sports drama. This does not, however, imply that it is superior. Even while I enjoyed the film’s treatment of sports, I don’t believe it was done on purpose. When viewed through the lens of a coming-of-age dramedy, the improbable plot points—like a woman turning out to be a great shooter because she was great at golilu as a child,

or a colonel deciding to open an academy and inviting everyone in the village to do their best, or a small haystack falling on a guy’s head and injuring him—will fall into place, more or less. The film, as a whole, is as inventive as the overhead vistas of Tank Bund used to create Hyderabad.

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    . Rating:   2/5