How much does it Cost to Learn Ethical Hacking in India?

As the world is digitizing itself, many companies are opting for (IT) Information Technology professionals who can efficiently secure data present on their platforms. Everything is on the internet today including sensitive structural information, confidential information, and related data. Therefore, It becomes essential to ensure the safety and security of online Data.

This is when an Ethical Hacker comes in. Nowadays many professionals are opting to learn ethical hacking online. These hackers get into a company‘s system in the same way as any illegal hacker. The only difference is that they are here to ensure safety and increase security protocols if needed.

If you have a keen interest in making a career as an ethical hacker, the ethical hacking courses from reliable online platforms will prove to be the right choice for you. As cyber security increases so does cybercrime. Professionals who are good at hacking can use their skills to good use. Let us explore ethical hacking and its growth in India.

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Ethical Hacking

If you are running a company that stores a lot of confidential information about the clients, customers, your products, or anything related to the government or non-government sectors, you are bound to take precautions on its security. This is when ethical hacking comes in. Ethical hacking is an act of intruding and going inside a system‘s framework and hacking its database.

Hacking is legalized and authorized by the company or government. These hackers will let you know about the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the system. They will give suggestions that can improve the IT security by evading the risks & vulnerabilities.

The practice will help an enterprise deal with malicious hackers and outside intruders who are trying to get into the system. Vulnerabilities are detected and the risk is managed with the help of ethical hackers.

There used to be a time when people were interested in hacking. Now, this has become a professional career for many youngsters. The course can help you improve IT professional skills along with the all-time favorite habit of hacking! As a professional hacker, you will be able to scan, detect, test, document, and report vulnerabilities.

Make sure you get certified by a known and reputed institute. They provide a comprehensive range of IT-related courses online, and the certification is authentic and authorized by the respective certification body. You just need to be certified and become an ethical hacker.

You will report all the vulnerabilities and risks of the system in a legalized manner. There are many other prerequisites before signing up as an ethical hacker, make sure you go through them and follow the same.

Why Choose this Career in India?

Both companies and professionals can benefit from the ethical hacking course. There are many advantages in learning ethical hacking including the following-

  • You can learn about information security, computer networking, and web development. These are some of the important sectors of information technology. You will be able to know these concepts poorly with the help of ethical hacking.
  • Some of the well-known injections like VAPT, OWASP, and SQL are used by hackers to get into the system. With the help of an ethical hacking course, you will be able to know these and learn how to gather the information from the same.
  • As the cyber world is increasing, so are web applications. With the help of this course, you will be able to understand all the advanced web applications.
  • You will know what type of client site attacks are being performed by hackers.
  • The mishandling of the configurations and related outdated web software are also known in the course.
  • Functions like automating VAPT and secure code development are also learned by ethical hackers and professionals.

Cost in India

The cost of the training depends on the type of institute or college you are pursuing the course in. There are many options available online. You just have to make sure to adopt one that is known globally and acknowledged by non-companies.

Some may have a starting price of Rs.1500. This is usually the training cost. However, if you want to pursue a full-fledged course or diploma in the same, it may exceed 20,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. It completely depends on the course, time, institute, accreditation, and acknowledgement of the institute.

Make sure the online classes for ethical hacking requires you to learn computer, networking, Linux, scripting, server, web application, and database skills. These courses can be 6 to 8 weeks long.

How to Apply?

If you are a beginner, you need to build your skills from scratch. It requires a bundle of certification and online courses that are offered by online institutes. It is a very high demanding skill and hence requires a lot of focus and passion. If you are going to college, you would just need 10+ to complete it. Students also opt for it as a graduation course. It is a requirement if you want to start it from scratch and learn all the basic computer skills.

If you are opting for a certification course, You will be expected to know about computers, and have a degree related to computer science. A degree in computer science or information technology will make sure that you know all the concepts regarding computers. This ensures that you know the basic concepts of ethical hacking and related computer fields.

You can apply online where you will be able to attain the information regarding the course. Whether or not the website is offering study materials, online classes, related videos, and other guiding books. Everything is usually mentioned on the online institute’s website. Make sure you read the testimonials and authentic reviews from the students.

To Sum Up

Many websites post fake reviews to fetch the audience and may not be recognized by the board. Do proper research before you opt for online coaching. Websites like KnowledgeHut are well-reputed and offer authentic certification courses worldwide. You can go through the website and choose the ethical hacking course. It is one of the most demanding career choices today.