Catherine Called Birdy Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast

After its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), critics liked Catherine Called Birdy a lot. Soon, you’ll be able to watch it at home. Lena Dunham directed the movie, which is based on Karen Cushman’s book of the same name for kids. After falling in love with the book as a child, the actress from Girls who now makes movies turned it into a movie.

In the British historical comedy, Birdy (played by Bella Ramsey), a teenage girl in Medieval England, goes on adventures and tries to avoid the marriages her father has set up for her.
The Amazon Original movie also stars Billie Piper, Andrew Scott, Joe Alwyn, and Dean-Charles Chapman. It will only be shown in a few theatres before it can be watched all over the world on Prime Video.
Here’s everything we know about Catherine Called Birdy so far, from the movie’s plot and release date to its cast and trailer.

Catherine Called Birdy Release Date

From Friday, October 7, you can watch Catherine Called Birdy on Prime Video. It will also be shown in a small number of theatres on Friday, September 23.

Catherine Called Birdy Trailer

The Lord who is Catherine’s father is determined to find her a groom and get her married. She stops all of his plans because she doesn’t want to get married. She is a progressive feminist who fights against these patriarchal standards.
A beautiful and exciting story about how people in the old world deal with problems in the new world. It is full of humor, love, and modern twists.

Catherine Called Birdy plot

The plot of the new Prime Video series is as follows: “In the medieval English village of Stonebridge, Lady Catherine, also known as “Birdy,” is the youngest child of Lord Rollo and Lady Aislinn. Stonebridge Manor is her playground. The house, like the family, has seen better days. Rollo is broke and very greedy, so he thinks that marrying his daughter off to a rich man for money and land will help him get out of debt.

But Birdy, like all the best teen heroines, is brave, smart, and daring, and she’s ready to use ever more clever ways to get rid of any suitor who comes calling. Her wild imagination, stubbornness, and a strong sense that she had a right to be on her own put her on a collision course with her parents. When the worst suitor of all shows up, they are put to the ultimate test of how much they love their daughter.

Catherine will fight back against her parents, who only want one thing for her: to get her married as soon as possible. But it’s clear that Catherine wants to go her own way in life!

Who is in the Catherine Called Birdy cast?

Bella Ramsey, known for her roles in “Game of Thrones” and “The Worst Witch,” plays Lady Catherine, also known as “Birdy.”
Birdy’s mother, Lady Aislinn, is played by Billie Piper (I Hate Suzie, Secret Diary of a Call Girl). Birdy’s father, Lord Rollo, is played by Birdy’s uncle, George, by Joe Alwyn (Conversations With Friends, The Favourite).
Birdy’s brother, Robert, is played by Dean-Charles Chapman (1917, Game of Thrones). Birdy’s best friend, Aelis, is played by Isis Hainsworth (Misbehaviour, Metal Lords).
Lesley Sharp (Clocking Off, The Full Monty) has a role that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Catherine Called Birdy Details:

Movie: Catherine Called Birdy (2022)
Network: Amazon Studios, Prime Video
Director: Lena Dunham
Writers: Lena Dunham, Karen Cushman
Main Stars: Bella Ramsey, Billie Piper, Andrew Scott
Genre: Adventure
Countries: United Kingdom, United States
Language: English
Release Date: US and UK cinemas on September 23rd
Release Date: 7 October 2022 (Prime Video)
Also known As: 캐서린 콜드 버디, Catherine Called Birdy, Catherine Called Birdy Movie, Catherine Called Birdy (2022)


The movie Catherine Called Birdy can’t be watched or streamed in India because none of the streaming services offer it. Right now, you can’t buy or rent it online on any platform.

Most Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs) about CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY

Is there a Catherine Called Birdy movie?

Catherine Called Birdy is a mediaeval comedy movie set in 2022. It was written by Lena Dunham and based on Karen Cushman’s 1994 book of the same name. The main character, played by Bella Ramsey, is played by Andrew Scott, Billie Piper, Joe Alwyn, Dean-Charles Chapman, Ralph Ineson, and Russell Brand, among others.

How old is Catherine in Catherine Called Birdy?

Lady Catherine, also known as “Birdy” (Bella Ramsey), is the rebellious 14-year-old daughter of Sir Rollo Lord of Stonebridge (Andrew Scott, who looks more like a flamboyant Bright Young Thing from the 1920s than a lewd Medieval Lord). She spends her days rolling in the mud and playing with her best friend, the goat boy Perkin.

Why is Catherine Called Birdy?

In a simple and self-congratulatory way, Dunham makes Catherine, who is called “Birdy” because she likes to keep birds as pets, into a kind of feminist crusader who fights against the sexist norms of her time.

What is the book Catherine Called Birdy about?

Catherine, Called Birdy talks about everything from the everyday things in her life, like killing fleas, spinning wool, and doing embroidery, to holidays and festivals, like Easter and May Day, which are often celebrated by the whole village, and her limited travels in England.

How does Catherine Called Birdy end?

Shaggy Beard died in a fight just days before the wedding, but Catherine will still have to marry his son. This is how the book ends. At this point, the diary ends. The only thing the reader knows about this potential husband is that he is closer to her age and gives her nice gifts.

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