What is a Global Executive MBA?

Global Executive MBA

Understanding traditional business ideas is no longer sufficient in today’s corporate environment. To become a proficient leader, you must acquire new insights beyond the standard MBA. This article focuses on learning new skills to improve your leadership abilities, broaden your global leadership knowledge, and better understand business. Are you curious about how to receive tailored … Read more

What is Hybrid Vehicle Training Course?

Hybrid Vehicle Training Course

Hybrid Vehicle Training Courses are professional courses in which students are taught dynamics, charging, battery assembling, and designing engines. These courses also include the interior and exterior spacing of hybrid electric vehicles. This is one of the most demanded courses in the engineering sector where students can specialise in multiple fields such as designing, CAE, … Read more

Top Digital Skills Tech Companies are Looking For

Digital Skills Tech Companies

Digital skills are skills that make it possible to solve problems using computers and software. Think of: Creating new digital products and services, for instance gaming applications. Understanding and critically reviewing digital content You can distinguish between 3 levels: Basic – Digital skills everyone needs to participate in an increasingly digital world. This concerns, for … Read more

How much does it Cost to Learn Ethical Hacking in India?

Ethical Hacking

As the world is digitizing itself, many companies are opting for (IT) Information Technology professionals who can efficiently secure data present on their platforms. Everything is on the internet today including sensitive structural information, confidential information, and related data. Therefore, It becomes essential to ensure the safety and security of online Data. This is when … Read more

A Hacker Stole 7.3 Crore from Payment Gateway Business Razorpay


The hacker took 7.3 crores over three months by manipulating the payment gateway company’s authorization procedure to verify 831 unsuccessful transactions. The South East cybercrime police are looking for a hacker who stole 7.3 crores over three months by manipulating a payment gateway company’s authorization procedure to verify 831 unsuccessful transactions. The theft was discovered … Read more